Brisk & Fracus / Darwin
A. Shine On Me
AA. Nothing In Our Way
AAA. Believe Again

A. I Found You
AA. I Found You (Nu Foundation Remix)
AAA. Believe Again


DJ Fracus
A. Next To Me
AA. Next To Me (Nu Foundation Remix)
AAA. Open Your Eyes To Love (with Gavin G) (Darwin Remix)

Brisk & Ham
A. Since You Went Away
AA. Dance Don't Slip
AAA. Fire & Flames (Nu Foundation & Haywire Remix)

Brisk & Vagabond (Fracus & Darwin Remixes)
A. The Only Ones
AA. Hardcore Habanera
AAA. Shouting Out



Since 1996 Brisk & Ham's firmly established Hardcore labels Next Generation & Blatant Beats have lead the way for the UK's ever popular rave movement. Responsible for some of the genre's biggest and most popular releases over the years, the label now presents its debut podcast. Brisk's radio pedigree is second to none as his popular shows across the Galaxy network featured such luminaries as Darren Styles, Slipmatt, Luna C, Hixxy, Marc Smith, Darwin, Gammer, Stormtrooper, Sy, Evil Activites, Endymion, The Viper, Chris Unknown, Al Storm, Chosen Few, MC Whizzkid, MC Wotsee and many more. Continuing their dominance in the Hardcore scene, Next Generation now bring you a monthly 60+ minute podcast showcasing the best music from around the world, guest mixes, interviews and much more.

With over 200,000 unique downloads to date, why not come and see what all the fuss is about?Subscribe, tune in, turn it up and enjoy!



The long awaited 31st instalment of the legendary Next Generation Records Podcast, Brisk & Fracus reminisce with a musical about the old time, Can you believe that it's been a full 3 years since the last show?

Download this fun packed lastest Podscast


Hot on the heels of podcast #29 comes the very final instalment of the Next Generation Records Podcast. After 30 episodes spanning 2.5 years of incredible music, amazing guest mixes and some quite frankly ridiculous conversations, it's time to bid farewell and quit while we're ahead.

As we say goodbye to 2011 and enter a brand new year in the Hardcore calendar, Brisk & Fracus reminisce with a musical trip down memory lane with a personal selection of tracks from the early 1990s rave scene. Twista Records hero, Squad-E has the prestigious role of closing out the final guest mix and does in fine style with an upfront showcase of forthcoming productions and releases from Twista itself.

All good things come to an end so download a slice of Hardcore podcast history as we bid you a fond farewell.


Brisk & Fracus celebrate their 3rd Christmas on the award winning Next Generation Podcast. With heaps of festive cheer, ridiculous commentary, ludicrous topics of discussion and a very reasonable dollop of banter, the guys unload their usual selection of bangin' upfront Hardcore. There's a very special 1 hour guest mix from Dutch Hardcore legend, DJ Partyraiser on the show too, result!

So when you're quite finished stuffing your fat face with Christmas dinner, unwrapping presents and the Eastbenders special is finished, make sure you download this essential slice of Christmas listening.

Ho Ho bloody ho.


Episode Twenty Eight: 26th October 2011

Easing you into yet another misery filled and bleak winter are the effervescent Brisk & Fracus who inject their unique x-rated humour into episode 28 of the world famous Next Generation Podcast.

The usual uncensored and childish filth ensues with an array of typically random topics up for discussion. Special guests this month include, DJ MOB representing the UK with a showcase of his own solo and collaborative productions whilst Dutch Hardcore hero, Tha Playah, shows us how it's done in mainland Europe delivering the harder beats.

With just one more episode to air after this, you really need to get this in your life. Pronto!


Episode Twenty Seven: 18th August 2011

Like Kerry Katonas period; it's better late than never! Full of summer joy and tranquility and without a hint of spleen and bitterness,  Brisk & Fracus step up with episode 27 of the now truly infamous Next Generation Records Podcast.

Join us this month as we surprise even ourselves with the new depths to which we'll plunge for a laugh; topics include sabotaging the audio feed in cinemas for the partially sighted, cutting off your dogs paws to stop it barking, and the very many merits of having a "bonzai penis". Hardcore hero and Quosh Records man Chris Unknown delivers a slammin' upfront mix, with Dutch legend Kasparov repping the harder sounds this month. Brisk & Fracus deliver a thumpin' Oldskool Hardcore selection too in an effort to stop you hearing all their HU5 material. ;)

With rumours confirmed that the NG Podcast will not last forever, you'd be a fool to miss it. Like people all over London did last week, grab it for free while you can!


Episode Twenty Six: 29th June 2011

Back from their international travels and shenanigans are Brisk & Fracus, who bring you the 26th edition of the Next Generation Records Podcast. With tour tales a plenty, bum gags and the usual juvenile commentary, you know just what to expect! Jon Doe from CLSM delivers a smoking' hot Breakbeat fuelled guest mix to tantalise your testes while Kevin Energy gives us an insight into his solo artist album as he bids farewell to the Hardcore scene. With a huge musical spread on offer, plenty of mirth and LOTS of sarcasm, your life simply isn't worth continuing unless you download this at your earliest convenience. Do it now. Do it NOW!


Episode Twenty Five: 27th May 2011

Didn't they do well? 25 episodes deep and still going strong as this months Next Generation Records Podcast rolls into your town like a Hardcore juggernaut loaded with filth. Liverpools finest export and co-owner of the award winning, Lethal Theory Records, DJ Kurt represents the UK with a scorching musical selection of epic proportions. Dutch maestro and long standing Hardcore legend, DJ Chosen Few represents the European Hardcore scene and delivers a dangerous & deadly selection of banging beats guaranteed to twist your mind. So download this month FREE podcast now for your chance to win a microwave oven, a stylish his & hers teasmade and of course, a cuddly toy. You have 45 seconds to make a lovely poo...


Episode Twenty Four: 4th April 2011

After a brief hiatus, Brisk & Fracus return with the 2nd year anniversary edition of the infamous, award winning, Next Generation Records Podcast. Gearing up for the Hardcore Heaven Weekender, this episode showcases a red-hot Broken Records mix from Stylus & AudioJunkie with MC Whizzkid on lyrical duties. Representing the harder end of the spectrum are the mighty Nitrogenetics, with their own brand of Dutch Hardcore this is not for the faint hearted.So with Spring in the air and the sun *finally* deciding to show its face, the NG podcasts shimmers majestically in the sunlight like a huge bar of Hardcore gold stuff...


Episode Twenty Three: 26th February 2011

Statistically, February has the highest suicide rates in the world. SO, beat those winter blues, put away the pills, rope or razor blades and get a load of this months SUPERB podcast. International playboy superstars, Brisk & Fracus unload their usual insults at each other over a backdrop of monstrous, upfront music. An award winning show deserves award winning guests and this month we give you, DJ Gammer (UK) representing the UK and Europes finest, DJ Neophyte (NL) completing what is definitely a star studded line up. So while the cost of living increases drastically, relax like Phil Mitchell does, safe in the knowledge that everything's going to be fine, and check out the NG Podcast in all its glory.


Episode Twenty Two: 28th January 2011

We begin another miserable year with an increase in tax, raised fuel prices and escalating inflation, joy. So if you're sick and tired of the spiralling cost of living why not cheer yourself up with a somewhat humorous and completely FREE podcast! Brisk & Fracus take the gloves off with the usual verbal onslaught with discussion including flatulence, breakfast biscuits and gargantuan bananas. With an awesome upfront producer showcase from super-talent Technikore (UK) and a banging European workout from the legendary DJ Predator (NL) this is yet another do-not-miss chunk of audio for your listening pleasure. So, while the outlook may be bleak, we've got what you need to keep a smile firmly imprinted on your chops. Enjoy.


Episode Twenty One: 25th December 2010

The Christmas edition of the infamous Next Generation Podcast has landed! So if you're sick of the usual movie re-runs on TV and really can't stomach any more food and drink, grab yourself a free download and brighten up your Christmas as Brisk & Fracus unload a stack of festive banter at each other. Furthermore, the Godfather of Hardcore himself, DJ Slipmatt passes through with a festive Old School selection and Dutch super stars, State Of Emergency toughen up proceedings with a blistering array of European belters. It's Christmas, it's free and you've probably got nothing better to do anyway so download, listen and enjoy. Ho, Ho bloody Ho.


Episode Twenty: 29th November 2010

As the big freeze grabs hold of the UK, the Next Generation Podcast grabs hold of your ears and gives them a soothing, warming massage as Brisk & Fracus deliver very best in Hardcore. Aside from the usual frivolities, DJ Shimamura (JPN) delivers the finest J-Core with a firing guest mix and the mighty Weapon X (NL) cranks up the heat with an awesome producer showcase mix. So beat the winter blues and grab your complimentary copy right now or run the risk of being a miserable, cold, wet seasonal fart.

Episode Nineteen: 5th November 2010

Your hosts Brisk & Fracus deliver a special Halloween & bonfire spooktacular loaded the usual tomfoolery, idiotic narrative and seasonal sponsors. This month's MONSTROUSLY special and spooky guests include DJ Headbanger (NL) and Nu Foundation (UK) whose mixes will more than ignite YOUR bonfire. Download it for FREE right away or risk having your anus intruded and infected by flesh eating zombies or suchlike.

Episode Eighteen: 28th September 2010

Brisk & Fracus celebrate 18 months of podcasting with another extended show highlighting the hottest Hardcore music available. The usual frivolities ensure with caffeine overdosing, ball-baggery and the joke of year all being discussed amidst the chaos. Special guests this month are Breeze (UK) and Tommyknocker (Italy) who base raise the bar with superb DJ mixes. Yet again, the Next Generation Podcast leads the way so miss this and you will be considered uncool, lose your friends and smell like sour milk.



Episode Seventeen: 24th August 2010

As the British summer reaches its peak (in as much as it's raining!) Brisk & Fracus return to the fold with yet another ridiculous session of insults with some nice upfront Hardcore music as their backdrop. This months topic of discussion include sex with herbs, French cars and the soon to be famous, DJ Sausage. Special guests this month include DJ Haze (Australia) and DJ Panic (Holland) who deliver contrasting yet equally mind-blowing mixes. Miss this or have your genitals covered in honey and placed in front of a marching colony of hungry fire ants.



Episode Sixteen: 8th July 2010

Time for for super sizzling summertime slammers as the Next Generation Podcast rolls into July with episode 16. Brisk & Fracus serve up a myriad of Hardcore monsters amidst the usual childish narrative including debates on Wookie Hole, urban myths and the merits of thick lenses in eyewear. Aussie talent, S3RL provides a smoking hot guest mix showcasing all the latest offerings from his studio.



Episode Fifteen: 5th June 2010

Heating up the summertime vibes are Brisk & Fracus with another red hot selection of upfront Hardcore for your listening pleasure. With topics of discussion including nasal hair, masturbating in the bath and books about small genitals, you know the usual ridiculous narrative will be in full effect. Award winning DJ Joey Riot delivers this months guest mix highlighting all the latest moments from his Lethal Theory imprint. What's more, there are some brand new sponsorship deals for the summer months too, so expect more interesting and varied products and services on offer during the infamous 'ad break'.



Episode Fourteen: 11th March 2010

The NG Podcast goes from strength to strength, notching up its fourteenth episode with another A grade injection of upfront Hardcore in all its forms. Not one but TWO world class guests provide mixes this month with pioneering producer and DJ Kevin Energy turning in a slammin' guest mix, as well as Italian Hardcore legends Art Of Fighters who's guest mix is sure to tear a hole in your speakers. The usual pleasantries are exchanged between your hosts Brisk & Fracus.



Episode Thirteen: 31st March 2010

13 is deemed as unlucky for some but NOT for the Next Generation crew and their loyal fans, as Brisk & Fracus return yet again, with another slammin' upfront Hardcore spectacular. This month's guest mix comes from Dutch Hardcore Hero, The Viper, who delivers a sonic assault of the highest order. Amidst the reams of banter, topics of discussion this month include Russia, hair dye, depression and the benefits of arse licking as a punishment. Download it right away or have the fudge packed back into you by a marauding troupe of meerkats.



Episode Twelve - 4th March 2010

Spring is in the air as Brisk & Fracus celebrate their first year of podcasting with episode 12 of the Next Generation podcast. With loads of fresh new music, outrageous narrative and topics of discussion including the Telford Buggery Club, Cock Joke Alley and body shaving, you know it's going to be "entertainment at it's best". We've also pushed the boat out this month not one but TWO guest mixes! Sy & Unknown represent the UK showcasing their own Qoush label whilst Dutch legend Evil Activities brings all the latest in the harder end of the European scene including his brand new single. If you miss this episode you really should have a word with your local mental health clinic.

Episode Eleven: 20th January 2010

In what is dubbed the most depressing month of year for many, there is a ray of sunshine for you as Brisk & Fracus bring you the first Next Generation Podcast of 2010. With subject matter including the Cockney Dildo Twins, top tier beer and shitty caterpillars you can always rely on their ridiculous narrative to raise a smile. Notorious DJ Marc Smith provides this months guest mix so expect nothing but the very best in music too. Brighten up your life and download it now or be anally pummelled by a thoroughbred horse in heat.



Episode Ten - The Xmas Special: 23th December 2009

It's Christmas! What better time to indulge in rich food, lots of alcohol and lashings of ridiculous festive narrative as Brisk & Fracus don their Christmas hats and provide a somewhat seasonal selection of Hardcore music bringing 2009 to a jovial close. Dutch Hardcore superstars Endymion deliver a slammin' upfront and exclusive European guest mix making podcast 10 a truly momentous occasion. Grab it now or be bound and gagged by a posse of Santas' elves, covered in reindeer excrement then casually tossed away like a soiled Christmas condom.



Episode Nine: 17th December 2009

Like Paris Hilton's period; better late than never! Brisk finally gives everyone a break by being away for a month, so DJ Ham steps in alongside Fracus to cover AND provides the guest mix to wrap up our 9th episode. Upfront beats aplenty and some interesting sponsorship deals come NG's way as we look forward to Christmas and the 10th episode coming your way sooner than you'd think! ;) Download it now or be subjected to an in depth description of Ham's stamp collection.



Episode Eight: 30th October 2009

Indulge yourself in another 60-odd minutes of lunacy as Brisk & Fracus up the ante with their abusive banter bringing you the 8th rather wonderful edition of the Next Generation Podcast. BBC Radio 1 Hard Dance and Hardcore guru, Kutski mixes and scratches his way through a superb guest mix and there are some welcome additions to the sponsorship roster too. Go get it right away or be ruthlessly ridiculed by a band of Romanian gypsy midgets.



Episode Seven: 29th September 2009

Prepare for more raucous activity as Brisk & Fracus unload more Hardcore bombs on unprotected ears with the 7th episode of the Next Generation podcast. Recent Raverbaby signing, Al Storm, stops by with a slammin' guest mix highlighting his latest studio work and the Randomizer 5000 interview software also makes it debut. Grab it or turn into exactly 5 fluid ounces of vaginal discharge.



Episode Six: 25th August 2009

It's time for your monthly fix of hot tunes, sickening humour and general distasteful debauchery as Brisk & Fracus celebrate 6 months of podcasting! Our guests this month are South Coast legends, Supreme & UFO who showcase all the latest music from their own Turbulence Hardcore label. Download it or we send a crack troop of killer gerbils to your house to exact revenge on your ignorance.



Episode Five: 29th July 2009

They're here once more! Brisk & Fracus unveil another solid selection of upfront Hardcore music featuring tons of exclusive tracks, heaps of banter and off the wall sponsorship. This month the legendary Luna C from Kniteforce Records delivers an amazing 30 minute mash up mix featuring an exclusive Next Generation Records mini mix. Download it or die a horrible and imminent death.



Episode Four: 26th June 2009

Brisk & Fracus are at it again! The Next Generation Episode 4 spanks your eardrums and other body parts with the usual array of hot Hardcore music peppered with comical narrative. Award winning DJ Gammer provides an exclusive 30 minute mix too. Miss this at your peril.



Episode Three: 22nd May 2009

Brisk & Fracus deliver episode 3 of the Next Generation podcast. With the usual antics and debauchery and a ton of great new music, they blunder their way through an hour of entertainment. DJ Darwin drops an exclusive 30 minute guest mix too! Check it out or be shunned by your family and friends...



Episode Two: 30th April 2009

Brisk & Fracus continue the monthly mayhem with their already infamous podcast showcasing the best in Hardcore music from across the globe. This month DJ Pilgrim drops in with an exclusive 30 minute Old Skool mix for your listening pleasure. Check it out or fail at life...



Episode One: 24th March 2009

Continuing their dominance in the Hardcore scene, Next Generation now bring you a monthly 60 minute podcast as Brisk & Fracus showcase the best in Hardcore music from around the world featuring guest mixes, interviews and much more. Tune in, turn it up and enjoy!



Episode Eight: 30th October 2009

Indulge yourself in another 60-odd minutes of lunacy as Brisk & Fracus up the ante with their abusive banter bringing you the 8th rather wonderful edition of the Next Generation Podcast. BBC Radio 1 Hard Dance and Hardcore guru, Kutski mixes and scratches his way through a superb guest mix and there are some welcome additions to the sponsorship roster too. Go get it right away or be ruthlessly ridiculed by a band of Romanian gypsy midgets.